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Where is Apalachicola?
Apalachicola is a city in Franklin County, in Northern Florida. It is on US 98 about 80 miles southwest of Tallahassee. On the shore of Apalachicola Bay connecting to the Gulf of Mexico. Apalachicola is the county seat of Franklin County.

What about the history of Apalachicola?
Spain had jurisdiction of Apalachicola from 1513 to 1763. The area remained unsettled and unexplored during Spain's first occupation of Florida. The inhabitants of the area were the Apalachee, Miccosukee and Timucua tribes.

From 1763 and 1783 Apalachicola fell under the jurisdiction of British West Florida. A British trading post, Cottonton, flourished at the mouth of the Apalachicola River.

In 1783, British West Florida transferred to Spain. The trading post remained and continued facilitating trade along the Apalachicola River. Cottenton connected to the trading network along the Chattahoochee River. After acquisition by the United States, Apalachicola attracted more permanent European-American residents. In 1827, the town incorporated as West Point. Apalachicola received its current name in 1831 by the Territory of Florida.

In 1849, Apalachicola physician Dr. John Gorrie discovered the cold-air process of refrigeration. He patented an ice machine in 1850. He experimented to find ways to lower the body temperature of fever patients. His patent laid the groundwork for development of modern refrigeration and air conditioning. Thus making Florida and the South more livable year round. The city has a monument to him, and a replica of his ice machine is on display in the John Gorrie Museum.

Apalachicola is home for seafood workers, including oyster harvesters and shrimpers. More than 90% of Florida's oyster production is from Apalachicola Bay. Every year the town hosts the Florida Seafood Festival.
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